We deliver access to prime space and time slots along With creative solutions to communication problems.

The ceaselessly changing media landscape has no boundaries. New media, such as the Internet, mobile devices and digital broadcasting, are as important for advertisers as TV, newspapers, magazines and radio. In the areas of transit, outdoor and other out-of-home media, advertisers are presented with a much expanded palette of choices. Hakuhodo DY Media Partners has specialist staff in each of these areas, as well as in events, enabling us to obtain highly sought space and employ cross-media solutions to almost any kind of communication problem. We apply our traditional buying strengths―experience and proven advertising planning and sales ability―to new media fields, and in turn channel the knowledge we gain there back into our work with traditional media, ensuring constant innovation in our buying business.

Advertising planning、Negotiation & coodination with  media suppliers、Purchase and sales of advertising space & time、Media utilization method development

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