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The force behind media design.
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners is committed to designing media strategies That build value for media and produce more effective communication.

Leadership in a New Era of Communication

The best way to describe the communication business today is hyper-evolution. With the Internet and mobile telecommunications continuing to spawn new media, digital television and digital radio revolutionizing broadcasting, and newspapers, magazines and other traditional media employing information technology to reinvent their own models, no area of communications remains untouched. Most important, the developments have completely recast the relationship between sei-katsu-sha―a term that we translate as "consumers with a heartbeat"―and the media. Today, sei-katsu-sha are adrift in an ocean of information, confronted by ever-increasing points of contact with an ever-more interactive media. For advertisers, media and content holders alike, this presents opportunities as well as extraordinary challenges. Hakuhodo DY Media Partners offers directions forward. In tandem with our advertising agency affiliates in the Hakuhodo DY group, we offer unmatched insight into sei-katsu-sha behavior, as well as creative approaches to the media and content business and access to every conceivable channel of communication.

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