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04 August, 2015

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.

HDYMP launches Nippon Navichan,
a portal website dedicated to videos communicating the fascination of Japan

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Hisao Oomori, President and CEO) launches the Nippon Navichan (Nippon Navigation Channel) service today, a portal site presenting regional content by bringing together the video content of TV stations, newspapers, publishers, radio stations, and other content holders around Japan.


Japan is a country made up of diverse regions with their own strong character, and it is this regional appeal that makes Japan so fascinating. “Premium video” produced by professional media companies and content holders—TV stations, newspapers, radio stations, publishers—inform sei-katsu-sha both inside and outside a region about its fascinating history and culture, famous shops and goods, and so on.


Participating prefectures have their own section on Nippon Navichan, and each region is further categorized into three sections that introduce what makes it so fascinating: “famous things (gourmet food, festivals, etc.)”, “popular sites (travel, etc.)” and “masters (people, artisans, etc.)”. The first wave is the “What’s Hot in Japan” travel channel, content jointly produced by local stations, mostly belonging to the Nippon TV group.

Looking ahead, all kinds of original content will be added to the site, including a culture section featuring animations and celebrities, and news programs, food reporting, and other video content produced by TV stations that will be edited into a format suitable for the Internet and transmitted as content separate from the original broadcast.


In response to the high interest of sei-katsu-sha in video content, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc. is partnering with media companies and content holders to create the new video advertising markets of the future. Going forward, we will also contribute to revitalizing regions on the prefectural and municipal levels and promoting tourism (inbound traveler policy).


*Video Business Management System (VMS)

The site’s development and operation utilizes the Hakuhodo DY Media Partners VMS, or Video Business Management System.


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