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25 September, 2012

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Inc.

Launches “the daiby” App for Recording Children as They Grow Up

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Incorporated (HDYMP) is pleased to announce the launch of the “daily baby story”, or “daiby” for short, iPhone application for recording images of children as they grow up. Daiby automatically edits photographic memories of children and can then replay them like a movie. HDYMP is based in Minato-ku, Tokyo and is headed by president and CEO Hisao Omori.


By simply aligning the guide frame and taking a photo of your child, daiby automatically edits the day-to-day photographic record of your child and then plays it back like a movie documentary that vividly recreates your child’s growth. The app randomly organizes photos according to video replay length* so you get a different impression and fresh emotions each time you view it.


What’s more, daiby can load images saved in other devices, so parents with children who have already grown up can also enjoy the app’s features by consolidating in their smartphone the many images of their children scattered among various other devices. You can also input comments for each photo to record how you felt at the moment the picture was taken or to appear as words spoken to your child that intermingle with the images as they are replayed.


Daiby also provides access to a variety of content coordinated with the growth of your child, including a “transmit data matching days since birth” feature that keeps track of the number of days since your child was born, “vaccine inoculation information” from the non-profit organization Know*VPD! Protect Our Children, and “childcare secrets” from the “dekirunabi” childcare support site operated by EhonNavi Corporation. Experience the joy of raising your child in new ways as you rediscover previously unnoticed special days such as your child’s 100th day and 1000th day since birth.


And there’s more, including the “record special day” feature that lets you select your own special settings and “rapid shooting” to make sure you always get the best shots of your lively child at play. Paid-version options include a setting that lets you specify video playback time and other detailed settings that you can use when converting your child’s daily growth record to video.


The affection that makes parents want to record memories of their children is universal across time and place. Once taken, there are few occasions to look at the vast treasure trove of pictures that record the memories of growing up. The daiby application brings back those feelings in a simple, entertaining documentary format.


What’s more, for businesses that want to reach parents with children, daiby’s ability to transmit products and services at exactly the right time makes it excellent for touchpoint marketing.


HDYMP is redefining the content market and creating new business markets by putting digital devices to use in new ways.


* The video time length setting is limited to about 30 seconds in the free basic version but can be set up to about 2 minutes 30 seconds in the paid version (350 yen, including tax).


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