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31 August, 2011

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Inc.

Box Application: Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Develop a Simple, Low-cost Base Application for Apps that Use Positioning Information

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Incorporated (HDYMP) has created a base application called Box Application that allows software developers to create smartphone apps that make use of GPS and other positioning information simply by customizing the color scheme and main screen design of its user interfaces. HDYMP is based out of Minato-ku, Tokyo and is headed by president and CEO Hisao Omori.


Box Application is a base application that uses basic functions linked to existing GPS and other positioning information as a template. By customizing the design, color scheme, and other features, developers can create applications that make use of positioning information services using straightforward technology that is both quick and economical.

The need for new smartphone applications had exploded in recent years with the increasing popularity of iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices. At the same time, the time and cost involved in developing these applications from scratch is still prohibitive for most. Box Application reduces the amount of money and other resources that go into development, allowing businesses to use them towards promotional efforts and boost the profitability of their application development activities as a whole.

Increasing the ease and affordability of application development not only helps app-related businesses expand, but also helps move applications as a whole forward in terms of serving as a marketing communication touchpoint for businesses of all kinds. One way this can be achieved is by using positioning information-enabled applications to draw sei-katsu-sha into real-world stores.


Box Application is linked to the video conversion Application Service Provider (ASP) Rocket Box*, allowing it to perform six convenient functions: (1) distributing map-linked video and other content, (2) simple navigation using the smartphone’s built-in electronic compass, (3) distribute photo frames related to designated locations, (4) location bookmarking, (5) multi-device compatibility that makes it possible to distribute content created in the application to a variety of devices, and (6) customization that allows developers to make their applications look the way they want.


Box Application is designed not only to support business planning among application developers, but also to offer a fresh media- and content-based experience to the sei-katsu-sha who use the application: getting video information on the place they are located as they move through actual physical space.


Box Application is currently being used to distribute position-linked video information on gourmet eating and sightseeing spots in Shizuoka Prefecture through the Shizuoka Asahi TV-developed Tobi-Navi Shizuoka application.


Hakuhodo DY Media Partners will continue to provide valuable media services to advertisers, media holders, and sei-katsu-shaalike while pursuing the possibilities of innovative advertising business models.

*Rocket Box is a multi-video conversion and distribution ASP service developed and operated by Hakuhodo DY Media Partners. Rocket Box automatically converts video to make it compatible with mobile devices and stores it in a database along with related positioning information, making it possible to distribute video content based on location.

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