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04 September, 2019

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.
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Hakuhodo DY Groupʼs “TV Cross Simulator” to begin including Yahoo! JAPANʼs major video ads ―for more effective TV commercial and online video ad media planning―

Tokyo, September 4, 2019 — Hakuhodo DY Partners Inc., D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) and Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc. are pleased to announce that Yahoo! JAPAN Brand Panel Quinty (video), Smartphone Version Yahoo! JAPAN Brand Panel (video), and Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ad Network (YDN) Video Ads (in-feed ad space), all major video ad services offered by Yahoo Japan Corporation (Yahoo! JAPAN), will now be included on TV Cross Simulator, a planning tool that forecasts the impact of TV commercials and online video ads.


TV Cross Simulator, developed by Hakuhodo DY Group, is an original simulation tool that determines ways to maximize cross media marketing of TV commercials and online video ads. In accordance with the companyʼs stated goal of an ad campaign (to increase reach/awareness, to spark interest/purchase intent, etc.) and by selecting from more than 10 parameters, such as target audience (gender, age, etc.), budget size, and industry/product type, TV Cross Simulator can forecast the optimum balance between TV commercials and online video ads to support the formulation of more effective media planning. Hakuhodo DY Group began offering this tool in 2015. It is currently linked with major platforms and digital media and covers a variety of online video ads.


Including Yahoo! JAPAN Brand Panel Quinty (video), Smartphone Version Yahoo! JAPAN Brand Panel (video), and YDN video ads (in-feed ad space) on TV Cross Simulator will allow cross media planning of TV commercials with video ads on Yahoo! JAPAN, which will help companies place ads more effectively in terms of target reach acquisition, increased product awareness and other branding indices. In preparation for this collaboration, DAC verified effectiveness with the cooperation of Yahoo! JAPAN, Video Research Interactive Inc. and Delta Values Inc., which operates a data science business.


TV Cross Simulator is part of Sei-katsu-sha DATA WORKS(*1), Hakuhodo DY Groupʼs advanced marketing solutions lineup. Hakuhodo DY Group will continue to expand the functions of TV Cross Simulator to enable it to propose more effective ad placement to advertiser companies. By harnessing our many years of experience in TV commercials and state-of-the-art online video ads, we will provide solutions that combine the two for maximum ad investment effect.


(*1) Sei-katsu-sha DATA WORKS

An integrated marketing solution that uses Japanʼs largest database of sei-katsu-sha (our term for

consumers with a heartbeat) and organically and bilaterally integrates conventional one-way, disjointed

marketing strategies and media initiatives to achieve full-funnel results from customer creation and

acquisition to nurturing. More than 200 client companies use this solution.

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