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12 December, 2016

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TV Cross Simulator Cross-screen Simulation Planning Tool for the Effective Integration of TV Commercials and Online Video Ads Now Supports Mobile Devices

The TVCross Simulator planning tool for predicting the effectiveness of TV commercial–online video crossover ads was previously developed and offered by Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Hakuhodo DY Digital, and the Hakuhodo DY Holdings Marketing Technology Center. The tool has recently undergone a functional update, and can now handle cross-screen simulations involving TV commercials plus desktop and mobile YouTube distribution as well as smartphone video ads from AppVador, CMerTV, OPEN8, and SmartNews. (Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Hakuhodo DY Digital, and Hakuhodo DY Holdings are all headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo. HDYMP is headed by President and CEO Hisao Omori, HDYD by President and CEO Akira Tsuji, and HDYH by President and CEO Hirokazu Toda.)


The amount of time that sei-katsu-sha spend interacting with their smartphones continues to grow, making them increasingly important as a market touchpoint. It is also becoming more critical to post advertisements on a variety of screens to capture sei-katsu-sha who actively travel back and forth between applications and web browsers. The latest functional update to TVCross Simulator greatly expands its reach by moving beyond traditional YouTube desktop distribution to the mobile screens that are now enjoying skyrocketing viewership. In addition to combined desktop and mobile distribution for YouTube videos, the tool now also handles AppVador, CMerTV, OPEN8, and SmartNews smartphone video ad options, offer high-viewership “first view” content (ads that are displayed when the site or app screen is first accessed). The new features are designed to meet the demands of an even wider range of advertisers. TVCross Simulator assigns ten or more parameters to TV commercial placement patterns and targets (gender, age, etc.), business category and then simulates combined placement patterns for TV commercials and online video ads (both desktop and mobile) in order to optimize the campaign’s target reach, ad awareness, and similar indicators.


In addition to target reach and ad awareness, TVCross Simulator can also help generate more effective ad placement proposals by running simulations that look at changes in product perception as a result of multiple exposure to TV and online video ads for ad indicators such as product recognition, product interest, product appeal, desire for product involvement, and desire to purchase and use the product. Studies done to validate simulator effectiveness have clearly shown that ad effectiveness tends to increase more with contact across multiple devices than with increased contact through a single device.


The simulations can also be customized to plan advertising strategies based on advertising fees and other real-world advertising options (placement requirements) while taking into account the advertiser’s past placement performance. TVCross Simulator allows for additional input data as well, including per-channel TV ad exposure patterns and data at the time the ad runs for even more precise simulations that take into account on-air timing. The result is even more effective cross-screen planning for TV commercials and online video ads than ever before.


The TV Cross Simulator takes advantage of the Hakuhodo DY Group’s extensive experience with TV commercials and was configured based on cross-screen campaign online survey results conducted in collaboration with Video Research Interactive, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook Japan, AppVador, CMerTV, OPEN8, and SmartNews.


In addition to combining TV commercials and online video ads to create more effective cross-media promotions, the Hakuhodo DY Group provides solutions that further maximize returns on advertising investments by combining its decades of experience advertising through TV commercials with cutting-edge online advertising video technology.


We will continue to develop and offer a variety of marketing tools and solutions that embody one of the fundamental missions of the Hakuhodo DY Group, which is to strengthen our sei-katsu-sha data–driven marketing response capabilities.

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