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07 December, 2016

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.
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Hakuhodo DY Group Sei-katsu-sha Digital Platform Launches Partnership with Twitter

The DATA WINGS*1 collaboration between Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Hisao Omori) and Hakuhodo Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Hirokazu Toda) along with Hakuhodo DY Digital Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Akira Tsuji) have partnered with Twitter to disseminate advertising on Twitter based on original sei-katsu-sha data created with the Hakuhodo DY Group Sei-katsu-sha Data Management Platform, Sei-katsu-sha DMP. In November, Hakuhodo Group’s Digital Advertising Consortium’s AudienceOne®*2 became the first certified DMP official partner in Japan for Twitter Japan’s “Tailored Audience”*3. Combining Tailored Audience and AudienceOne® data allows the partnership to distribute advertising content on Twitter more effectively.


Sei-katsu-sha DMP was developed as a platform for the planning, execution, and management of all kinds of marketing activities. It combines unique sei-katsu-sha data compiled by the Hakuhodo DY Group with real-time/all-the-time sei-katsu-sha information and purchasing behavior data; media, content, contact and preferences data, etc.; and cutting-edge technology that is now available thanks to advances in digital technology.


The partnership makes possible ad distribution combining Querida Planning*4 and POS-AD™*5, both developed by DATA WiNGS on the Sei-katsu-sha DMP platform, with the Twitter segment. Not only does it provide a deeper and more detailed picture of sei-katsu-sha than ever before, it also makes possible the distribution of advertising on Twitter, which is one of the largest SNS in Japan, and the distribution of ads in line with marketing strategies to an even larger sei-katsu-sha audience.


For the Hakuhodo DY Group, the data driven marketing domain is strategically important for the next-generation ad business. Through efforts like these, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Hakuhodo, and Hakuhodo DY Digital will continue to develop and provide a full line up of services that make use of our Sei-katsu-sha Data Management Platform.



The general name for the organization within the Hakuhodo DY Group in charge of strengthening “sei-katsu-sha driven marketing”, which includes Hakuhodo’s Sei-katsu-sha Data Management Platform Division, Data Driven Marketing Division, Marketing Operations System Consulting Division, and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners’ Data Driven Media Marketing Business Division’.


*2 AudienceOne®

Developed and provided by Digital Advertising Consortium (DAC).

A DMP that collects and analyzes ad distribution results, social media, partner companies’ third-party data, and the like for use in a variety of marketing, including to uncover potential customers and strengthen customer loyalty among existing customers. Among DMP, uses the largest volume of data in the country and holds audience data exceeding 450 million unique browsers and application data. Stored data volume exceeds 1 trillion records.


*3 Tailored Audience

An existing user and customer targeting method for preparing campaigns with excellent audience affinity.


*4 Querida Planning

A service that consolidates and analyzes sei-katsu-sha panel survey data, Web views and other online actual data to help ad clients find new potential customers and achieve accurate ad distribution.


*5 POS-AD™

A high-precision ad distribution solution that uses large-volume actual purchase data (POS data with ID, receipt data and other data recorded when selling goods and services at stores).

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