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31 August, 2016

Hakuhodo DY Digital Inc.
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.
Cinarra Systems Japan

Hakuhodo DY Digital, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, and Cinarra Systems Japan use a Cinarra Systems Japan platform to launch joint development of media services that take advantage of thoroughly anonymized big data held by partner companies

Hakuhodo DY Digital, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, and Cinarra Systems Japan have launched a joint project to develop media services that take advantage of big data held by their partner companies. (Hakuhodo DY Digital, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, and Cinarra Systems Japan are all headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo. Hakuhodo DY Digital is headed by President and CEO Akira Tsuji, HYDMP by President and CEO Hisao Omori, and Cinarra Systems Japan by CEO Alex Zinin.)


As the first step in this effort, the team has begun using behavioral data that has been thoroughly anonymized to infer which target groups will be difficult to reach with TV commercials and which groups will be readily reached and providing services in which advertising is distributed once each group has been properly targeted.


In the past, advertising distributed using behavioral data relied primarily on low-volume, fragmentary data—such as information collected when specific smartphone apps with permission to use data for advertising purposes were launched, or positional data collected at the time of ad distribution. Advertisers’ ability to distribute ads that were targeted based on inferences about the real-life habits of sei-katsu-sha was therefore limited.


To address this issue, the team made use of thoroughly anonymized big data held by partner companies involved with its data intermediary platform, making it possible to infer sei-katsu-sha behavior while protecting their privacy. They were then able to conduct sophisticated targeting in order to guide advertising distribution. Hakuhodo DY Digital conducted joint research with Cinarra, used this kind of big data to develop technologies to identify groups that were not in the habit of watching television and are therefore difficult to reach with commercials, as well as groups that were in the habit of watching TV and therefore easy to reach (see note).


These findings allow advertisers to more effectively promote their ads, since by using Cinarra’s advertising distribution platform to distribute targeted ads, they can reach groups that are difficult to contact through TV commercials while complementing them with the groups that are easy to reach.


Going forward, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners plan to develop media services linked to outdoor and transportation ads. In doing so, they will utilize an outdoor information distribution platform—based on the Cinarra platform and developed by the Hakuhodo DY Holdings Marketing Technology Center—which is capable of distributing information outdoors with a high degree of freedom and flexibility; for example, by changing the distributed information based on sensor information services like GPS, WiFi, and iBeacon or on past behavioral history.


Through their initiative with Cinarra, Hakuhodo DY Digital and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners aim to provide solutions that maximize returns on advertising investments by combining their decades of experience advertising through TV commercials with cutting-edge online advertising video technology.


Note: Surveys conducted in advance of the release. Technologies developed under the current joint project were used to predict groups that were difficult to reach through TV commercials and groups that were easy to reach, and then have respondents describe their actual TV-viewing behavior. The results showed a clear correlation between the two, confirming the accuracy of the predictions. (Participants were asked to report their average daily TV viewing hours, and these ranges were compared with the predicted categories.)

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