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26 January, 2016

Near Pte. Ltd.
Hakuhodo Inc.
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.
D.A. Consortium Inc.

Launching Joint Development of Media Service Utilizing Outdoor Behavioral Data

Near Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, in partnership with Hakuhodo Inc., Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc. and D.A. Consortium Inc. (hereinafter “DAC”), will begin co-development of a media service that utilizes outdoor behavioral data.

Near’s Allspark, that holds location data obtained from smartphones, will be coordinated with DAC’s AudienceOne®, which holds online behavioral data from over 400 million UBs per month. Data distribution will be controlled via Hakuhodo DY Group’s outdoor information distribution platform. Through this, it will be possible to coordinate advertisement distribution using DSP within Allspark, MarketOne® (DAC’s DSP), as well as other enabling us to provide media services that utilize outdoor and online behavioral data.



■ Joint development/tie-up media services ■

(1) Online communication originating from offline behavior (offline to online)

As we can create customer segments based on outdoor behavior data and distribute online ads to the relevant target, we can make use of information that cuts across various customer points of contact both offline and online, such as encouraging customers whose frequency of visits to real stores has declined to visit the stores again by making offers through online points of contact (website and digital ads).


(2) Offline communication originating from online behavior (online to offline)

As we can make use of outdoor behavior data that has not been adequately utilized before as marketing data, we can design communication measures with mutual cooperation between offline and online, such as placing emphasis on trial offers and sample distribution so as to send customers whose main channel of purchase is EC to the real stores.


(3) Outdoor communication through online×offline

We can get a grasp on the behavior history of consumers such as visits to stores and landmarks and means of transportation through location information that “Allspark” possesses, and at the same time, we can identify the interests and preferences of consumers through web behavior data that “AudienceOne®” possesses, which is why we can distribute the optimal information to individual consumers. For example, we can distribute ads that match the attributes of individuals in a target area by collaborating with transportation ads such as posters in train stations and hanging ads in trains. In this way, a synergistic effect with ad development in the conventional offline media can be expected.


In the development of this media service, we will make use of the outdoor information distribution platform developed by Hakuhodo DY holdings’ Marketing Technology Center. This outdoor information distribution platform can achieve a high degree of freedom and flexibility with respect to information distribution in outdoor settings, such as changing the information to be distributed based on sensor information such as GPS, Wi-Fi, iBeacon and past behavior history. In addition, DAC will be responsible for the operation of the outdoor information distribution platform.

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