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15 September, 2015

Hitokuse Inc.
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.
Hakuhodo Inc.

New FIT AD Digital Service Uses Ambient Data to Automatically Select Video Advertising to Match Sei-katsu-sha Moods

Four companies have worked together to develop the FIT AD digital service, capable of freely incorporating a variety of ambient data in order to automatically pick out video advertisements that match sei-katsu-sha moods. The service, which will be released today, is a joint project between STEVE N’ STEVEN (under President and Representative Director Shoichi Furuta), Hitokuse (under President and Representative Director Wataru Miyazaki), Hakuhodo DY Media Partners (under President and CEO Hisao Omori), and Hakuhodo (under President and CEO Hirokazu Toda).


FIT AD makes full use of all kinds of ambient data affecting sei-katsu-sha—from hot news items to trending searches, TV programming information, weather, and more—and uses it to automatically sort out the best quality video advertisements created by content professionals. Until now, internet advertising has been limited to segment-based sorting based on demographic data, but incorporating ambient information on specific sei-katsu-sha location, timing, and circumstances makes it possible to match advertising to the mood of the target audience. In short, it gives advertisers access to “mood primetime”.


The service was developed in conjunction with STEVE N’ STEVEN and Hitokuse, with Hakuhodo’s creative staff preparing the ideal content for each distribution. Hakuhodo DY Media Partners has exclusive sales rights.


FIT AD will eventually expand its services to include optimized engines based on ambient data. This will make sei-katsu-sha–matched information available not only to third-party distributors, but to other types of clients as well.


Note: The FIT AD service is patent pending.

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