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23 July, 2015

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.
Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc.

HDYMP has developed and released TVCross Simulator, a planning tool for assessing the ad effectiveness of TV–online video ad cross-advertising

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Hisao Oomori, President and CEO) and the Hakuhodo DY Holdings (head office: Minato-ku; Hirozaka Toda, President and CEO) Marketing Technology Center released TVPlus Simulator in September 2009, a planning tool for assessing the effectiveness of ad campaigns combining TV ads and online video ads. Now the tool has been further updated and newly released as TVCross Simulator.


With TVCross Simulator the user specifies TV ad exposure patterns and targets (gender, age, etc.) and more than ten parameters by industry type and then runs simulations to find which TV ad and online video ad exposure patterns have the best performance in terms of factors such as target reach and ad recognition.

In addition to target reach and ad recognition, TVCross Simulator can help generate more effective ad ideas by running simulations from the perspective of changes in product perception as a result of multiple exposure to TV ads and online video ads for ad indicators such as product recognition, product interest, product appeal, inclination to product involvement, and inclination to purchase and use the product.

The tool can also perform customized simulations for planning based on ad costs and actual ad menu (exposure requirements) and simulations that incorporate the past ad performance of the advertiser.


TVCross Simulator’s updated functions also let the user input per-channel TV ad exposure patterns, data at the time of exposure, and other data for even more precise simulations that take into account the on-air timing of TV ads. With more effective TV ad-online video ad cross-media planning than ever, we have renamed the planning tool “TVCross Simulator”.

This tool was built based on our decades of experience working on TV advertising and on cross-media campaign surveys done in collaboration with Google, Yahoo, and Video Research Interactive.


Along with combining TV ads and online video ads to create more effective cross-media ads, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners provides solutions that maximize the return on advertising investment of our clients by combining decades of experience with TV ad spots and cutting-edge online video ads.

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