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13 May, 2015

Digital Advantage Consortium Inc.
Acxiom Japan Inc.
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.

Collaborative Project Announcement
Japan’s first data tie-up: DAC’s AudienceOne® data management
platform and Acxiom USA’s LiveRamp Connect

Digital Advantage Consortium (DAC) and Acxiom Japan, the Japanese arm of the US Acxiom Corporation, announced today that they are teaming up with Hakuhodo DY Media Partners to combine AudienceOne® (a data management platform from DAC) with LiveRamp Connect (a data-on-demand service from Acxiom), for the purpose of more effectively distributing advertising content. (DAC is headquartered in the Shibuya-ku, Tokyo under President and CEO Hirotake Yajima; Acxiom Japan office is in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and led by Managing Director of Asia-Pacific Frederic Jouve: Hakuhodo DY Media Partners is headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo under its President and CEO, Hisao Omori.)

AudienceOne® and LiveRamp Connect
AudienceOne® is a data management platform that collects and analyzes data from social media, partner companies, and other third-party sources following advertising distributions. It can be used to implement a variety of marketing strategies, including finding prospective customers or fostering loyalty among existing ones. The platform makes it possible to take the collected audience data and use it to create various segments. These can then be cross-analyzed with demographic information, incoming keywords, and more. This data management platform handles some of the most sophisticated data in Japan, with audience data from over 400 million unique users and upwards of a trillion stored data records.
Acxiom has built trust with its US and global customers thanks to its powerful commitment to ethical data usage for over four decades. LiveRamp Connect, Acxiom’s data onboarding service, lets media companies, advertisers, and marketing firms combine and analyze both online and offline data in a safe environment designed to protect data privacy and security. This data can then be used to create segments as well as initiate marketing strategies through tie-ups with advertising distribution platform media at more than 130 corporations around the world.

Collaboration overview
The tie-up between AudienceOne® and LiveRamp Connect represents the first seamless data collaboration of its kind in Japan. LiveRamp Connect creates the safe, privacy-compliant environment in which CRM data, purchase data, and first party online data can combined and analyzed; the segment information that is produced is then sent over to AudienceOne®. There, it is reanalyzed based on demographic data, psychographic data, and third-party data to produce audience segments. Tapping into the power of AudienceOne®, which boasts Japan’s largest number of advertising distribution platform tie-ups, means that clients can expect to reach strong prospective customers and boost the return on their marketing investments. Hakuhodo DY Media Partners signed a partnership agreement with Acxiom Japan in November 2014, and the two have already begun developing new data-driven business services that make effective use of online and offline data held by TV and radio stations, newspapers, publishers, internet media companies, and other media players.

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