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07 May, 2013

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners

Digital Signage Media Development Lab opens digital signage media information Website

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners has launched a “Digital Signage Media Development Lab” information Website designed to expedite digital signage media development and the sale of advertising media. HDYMP is based out of Minato-ku, Tokyo and is headed by president and CEO Hisao Omori.


The site introduces visitors to the highly effective medium of digital signage advertising and offers consulting on the placement and development of digital signage ads.

While the digital signage ad business is expected to grow rapidly, it is still mostly unknown despite its effectiveness as a form of advertising. The site energetically uncovers and presents examples of digital signage advertising. Advertisers and ad companies can not only view the latest media business information, they can also consult with digital signage media professionals about advertising placement. What’s more, companies looking into the digital signage business can get all the advice they need to install and benefit from this effective form of advertising.


HDYMP Digital Signage Media Development Lab brings together highly skilled professionals. The Lab’s professional staff includes a business development manager in charge of new business ventures and an outdoor advertising manager in charge of outdoor, transportation, route media, and other media sales. By providing consistent guidance for everything from the development of new ad media using digital signage to advertising sales, the Lab develops highly effective digital signage advertising from the perspective of companies that include advertising as a part of their business.


HDYMP leverages its media expertise as an integrated media company and hands-on knowledge gained through work on numerous digital signage media related projects to put together plans that optimize media package and digital signage ad content and find installation locations that best reach the advertising target. We bring a total perspective to development as we collaborate with equipment vendors, location owners, and others in the digital signage media business on developing digital signage ads that make the most of this highly effective form of advertising.

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