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19 February, 2013

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Inc.

Full-scale Rollout of mag:Post, a Tool for Creating Corporate Social Media Posts Powered by Publisher Content and Editorial Expertise

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Incorporated (HDYMP) and Hakuhodo DY Intersolutions (HDYI) have teamed up to begin a full-scale rollout of mag:Post, a new service that helps companies post articles on social media sites while taking advantage of publisher content and editorial expertise. HDYMP is based out of Minato-ku, Tokyo and is headed by president and CEO Hisao Omori. HDYI is also based in Minato-ku and is headed by Hironori Hashimoto.


mag:Post is the result of a collaborative effort involving several publishing companies. It allows clients to take advantage of the communicative power of social media sites by giving them the opportunity to post past magazine articles along with the magazine logo as well as original articles that have been supervised by the magazine’s editorial department. mag:Post lets companies choose magazines that accurately address their concerns from among the myriad themes that exist in the publishing industry today. Those articles are then supplied in a high-quality format that makes use of the kinds of content and expertise available only from magazine editorial departments. The service also allows clients to link the article they receive to the same article posted on the publisher’s own social media site, increasing the number of views the article is likely to get. Finally, companies using the service can launch newsworthy marketing campaigns that make use of images owned by publishers; for example, by developing original LINE stamps using popular manga characters.


HDYMP and HDYI currently have six publishers working on this project (Ei-Publishing, Hankyu Communications, Gentosha, Tokyo Calendar, PIA Corporation, and Hakusensha) and are in the process of securing many more.


Now more than ever, the corporate world is taking advantage of social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Mixi, and LINE to promote companies and products, seek out job applicants, and communicate information. Still, it is not easy for companies to frequently post quality articles that are attractive to fans and followers on their own. More and more businesses are struggling to find enough information to post regularly. Developing the kind of popular characters that make waves on social media sites also takes enormous effort—especially if it has to be done from scratch. The mag:Post service was designed specifically to address these kinds of company concerns.


In offering businesses articles through mag:Post, HDYMP works alongside publishing firms to select and design articles and characters, while HDYI takes charge of providing product support in the form of creating article data and posting it on clients’ social media sites.


As a provider of total media solutions, HDYMP is looking to take service development to the next level using its powerful ability to resolve media-related challenges. We will continue in our quest to open new doors in business marketing.

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