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29 July, 2008

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Develops the CROSCOPE to Comprehensively Measure Creative Works and Media Plan Effectiveness

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc., headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo and headed by Takashi Sato, has teamed up with Hakuhodo Inc. to develop CROSCOPE, an innovative measurement tool that can evaluate the effectiveness of cross-media advertising campaigns. Cross-media advertising synergistically combines the promotional effects of multiple forms of media.

In addition to measuring the four major types of mass media, CROSCOPE is able to evaluate online advertising, outdoor advertising, product pamphlets, online campaign sites, and other forms of media that have traditionally been difficult to measure. The new tool assesses the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and advertising expressions (creative works) for cross-media products that combine multiple media types.

Traditional measures of advertising effectiveness use calculations based on ongoing evaluations of indicators such as number of media contacts or intention to purchase. These tools are limited, however, in their ability to assess advertising effectiveness in cross-media campaigns, where each type of media features a different form of creative works.

In addition, measuring the effect of overlapping contact between the four mass media channels and other advertising channels (such as online or outdoor advertising) required enormous sample sizes that made the cost of such research prohibitive.

The newly developed CROSCOPE uses a unique online experimental research system that can perform sophisticated statistical processing and analysis. With just a single survey, the system is able to measure the promotional effectiveness of a cross-media campaign and collect the data needed for planning, thus keeping costs to a minimum.

Dr. Toshihiko Kawamura at the Institute of Statistical Mathematics aided in the development of the CROSCOPE tool by designing the research and conducting data analysis.

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners will continue to run trials using CROSCOPE with the hopes of making practical use of it in planning and commercialization projects, including simulations, by this summer.


For more information, contact:
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners
Public Relations Department
c/o Kato/Funahashi TEL: +81-3-6441-9347
Media & Content Marketing Division
c/o Yamashita TEL: +81-3-6441-9763

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