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03 February, 2014

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners and IID launch equity and business partnership for next-generation media businesses

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Incorporated (HDYMP) and IID Incorporated (IDD) have agreed to a joint-venture for next-generation media businesses and have concluded an equity and business partnership. HDYMP is based in Minato-ku,Tokyoand is headed by CEO and President Hisao Omori.


The importance of data management is attracting more and more attention because it is used for the marketing and communication activities of advertisers and media companies. Data management also includes using data about sei-katsu-sha Web browsing behavior, e-commerce site purchasing behavior, and the like (sei-katsu-sha data) to provide benefits to sei-katsu-sha.


Through the equity and business partnership with IID – which operates RBB Today, Response, and other domain-specific media (also known as “vertical media”) – HDYMP will leverage IID’s unique CMS and Web media management expertise to build and support the owned media of advertising corporations and to develop and expand the new media ventures of media companies. The sei-katsu-sha data HDYMP collects through this new venture will be the platform for providing added-value to sei-katsu-sha, advertisers, and media companies.


■ The 3 synergies of the HDYMP-IID equity and business partnership


1. Jointly advance media businesses

By combining IID’s media platform and media management expertise with the HDYMP Group stakeholder network that includes advertising corporations, media companies, and content holders, the two companies can advance their respective media businesses. Specifically, the partnership will execute planning, development, and operation support for the owned media of advertising corporations and for the digital media and online communities of media companies.


2. Effectively use sei-katsu-sha data

The partnership will join IID’s exclusively owned sei-katsu-sha data and the sei-katsu-sha data obtained through 1. to HDYMP’s sei-katsu-sha data base. The synergy obtained will discover new insights about sei-katsu-sha and will be applied to communication and other marketing thus delivering value to sei-katsu-sha, advertisers, and media companies.


3. Partner with e-commerce businesses

The partnership will comprehensively integrate IDD’s marble ASP e-commerce solution and the media companies and content holders backed by the HDYMP Group and operate them as a joint e-commerce business.


Based on the above, HDYMP and IID will team up and leverage their sei-katsu-sha data to promote next-generation media businesses and provide cutting-edge communication services that meet the diverse needs of sei-katsu-sha, advertisers, and media companies.

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